There’s bound to be at least one trick you didn’t know about. Become a PC or Mac power user with our help!

Even though you use your computer every single day, that doesn’t mean you know how to use it to its full potential. We wanted to share some tips so you can take full advantage of your Mac or PC.

We focused on some keyboard shortcuts that’ll help you crank out text and data faster in Microsoft Word or Excel, or to help you better navigate your computer or its internet browser. Additionally, we recommended a handful of extensions and programs, and have listed some tips to help you get your inbox under control. If you get one thing out of this post, we think you’ll be happy with how much time you’ll save in the long run.

1. Keyboard shortcuts that’ll come in handy in word processors

  • CTRL C: Copy
  • CTRL X: Cut
  • CTRL V: Paste
  • CTRL Z: Undo
  • CTRL Y: Redo
  • CTRL B: Bold
  • CTRL U: Underline
  • CTRL I: Italicize

2. Microsoft Excel keyboard shortcuts

  • F2: Edits cells
  • Shift Space: Selects whole lines
  • Ctrl Space: Selects whole columns
  • Ctrl Plus: Insert cell
  • Ctrl Minus: Delete cell
  • Ctrl 1: Edits the cell format

3. Keyboard shortcuts for internet browsers

  • CTRL N: New window
  • CTRL T: New tab
  • CTRL Shift T: Reopen last closed tab
  • CTRL Shift W: Close all open tabs, browser
  • CTRL W: Close current tab
  • CTRL Plus: Zoom in
  • CTRL Minus: Zoom out
  • CTRL 0: Resets zoom to default
  • CTRL F: Find in page

3. Take a screenshot

  • On Macs, CMD Shift 3 takes a photo of the entire screen, or you can press the Print Screen button on your Windows keyboard for PCs, and the screenshot can be pasted into any photo-editing software, like Paint or Photoshop.
  • On Macs, CMD Shift 4 lets you use your mouse and select a portion of your screen to take a screenshot of. On the PC, you can use the Snipping Tool — a program in Windows — to select a specific area of your screen to take a screenshot.

4. Easily search websites

  • In Google Chrome, when filling in a web address, for example, press TAB instead of ENTER and you can perform your search on the site from the address bar.

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