This is an affordable tablet that’s great for those on a budget. It’s not the fastest and the quality of movies and TV shows won’t blow you away but with robust parental controls and Alex built-in, it’s a great buy.

GHI Expert Verdict

Looking for a basic tablet that won’t break the bank? The latest version of the Fire 7, Amazon’s most affordable tablet, is now better value. It has double the amount of storage space than the previous version and now lets you summon Alexa with your voice, rather pressing a button but it’s still just £49.99.

You do compromise on the speed at which the tablet opens apps and browses the web to get the price this low (it does have an updated processor which means its ever so slightly faster than the previous version, but it’s not enough that you’ll notice it). The screen can’t show videos in HD either and the battery won’t blow you away – lasting just under six hours in our video playback tests. But it’s still a great buy for those on a budget.

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