On July 3, Apple pushed out iOS 13 developer beta 3 for iPhone, and there’s a lot found hidden within. A new FaceTime setting, more Arcade details, full-page scrolling screenshots everywhere, a noise cancellation option in the Control Center, and a new markup tool — and that’s just a few of the new features.

Right now, iOS 13 dev beta 3 is available on all iPhone models that support iOS 13 except the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. It’s not clear why Apple left these two models out high and dry in the newest beta version, but it will hopefully be resolved in upcoming releases.

While there are a lot of little changes in dev beta 3 — which came out just over a few weeks after dev beta 2 and over one week after public beta 1 — there are obvious ones worth calling out. We’ll keep updating this post as we find new features, and you can read Apple’s release notes at the end of this article.

Read more: https://ios.gadgethacks.com/news/apples-ios-13-developer-beta-3-available-for-iphone-packed-with-new-features-changes-0200166/


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