The 2019 Mobile World Congress did not disappoint.

MWC (as it’s known) is a major consumer tech event focused on showcasing and introducing the industry’s latest and greatest products. Held in Barcelona, this year’s attention-commanding products were headlined by 5G-compatible hardware and foldable smartphones that can transform into a tablet. The latter included headline-grabbing products from Samsung and Huawei, though you’ll have to be patient if you want to have one of them. The Samsung Galaxy Fold, for example, is weeks away from hitting the shelves.

As expected, MWC 2019 showcased a number of excellent smartphones from today’s leading Android manufacturers. They range from the decidedly premium Samsung Galaxy S10 lineup, all the way to affordably-priced offerings from the likes of Lenovo and Sony, which are bound to push the boundaries of design and performance in their price range.

With such ground-breaking tech on display, it can be hard to stand out at MWC. But — from a dual-screen smartphone to a travel-friendly monitor — these gadgets managed to do so, and have us truly amped for their release.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Android Smartphone

Announced a week ahead of the event, the Samsung Galaxy S10 was the best smartphone on display during Mobile World Congress. And that includes all three iterations in the tenth generation of the ultra popular smartphone family: the S10, the more compact Galaxy S10e, and the big-screen Galaxy S10+. (A 5G-capable Galaxy S10 is due to launch in the coming months.)

The Galaxy S10 has everything you’d expect from a top-tier smartphone. It’s beautifully designed and crafted, fully waterproof, incredibly powerful, and is capable of capturing image and 4K video with superb quality via five built-in camera sensors (four in the Galaxy S10e).

All iterations of the Galaxy S10 are also equipped with a captivating Infinity Super AMOLED display with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor underneath it. Every Galaxy S10 version supports fast wired and wireless charging — and even more impressively, you can use your Galaxy S10 to wirelessly charge other compatible devices.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy S10 all but guarantees to be one of the best Android smartphones you can buy in 2019.

LG G8 ThinQ Android Smartphone

LG’s range-topping G8 ThinQ Android smartphone impressed us with a plethora of innovative tech features, which set it apart from its rivals. They include intuitive gesture controls, the ability to unlock the phone by simply reaching towards it (it can read the unique vein and line patterns of your palm), as well as 3D facial recognition.

The LG G8 ThinQ also features cutting-edge audio tech, which transforms the display of the smartphone into an acoustic surface. The feature has eliminated the need for an earpiece, thus making the phone incredibly elegant. It’s also great for entertainment on the go.

Of course, the latest LG G series smartphone has a powerful Qualcomm-made chipset, a gorgeous OLED display, a triple camera, a big battery with support for fast wired and wireless charging, and a fully waterproof body.

The LG G8 ThinQ is due to launch in the coming weeks. The newcomer looks poised to be one of the best Android smartphones money can buy.

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