Smart homes are best when controlled using just your voice. Siri can already control your lights, plugs, and more. You can use it to control your Apple TV, too. Here’s how to survive the next time you lose the remote.

Apple knows that when you’re watching TV, you’ve probably got your iPhone nearby. That makes it the perfect remote control, but nowadays nobody wants to push buttons. Voice control is where it’s at, and with Siri, you can choose what to watch and then control it, too. Barking orders at your TV might make you look like a crazy person, but it’s surprisingly fun.

What you’ll need

There are some prerequisites to consider if you want to make this work. You’ll need to have an iPhone—or iPad, or iPod touch—running the latest version of iOS with Siri enabled. You’ll also need an Apple TV with the latest version of tvOS installed as well.

Now all of your devices are updated, you need them to all be on the same network. That’s a given in most homes but if you’re having problems that’s one gotcha that’s easy to run afoul of.

Finally, your Apple TV has to be set up via the Home app. It also needs to be assigned to a room—Fear not, we’ve covered how to set up rooms before.

How to Use Siri to Play Content

Asking Siri to play content is easy, but you need to make sure you have the phrasing down.

The key is to tell Siri what you want to watch and then where you want to watch it. That might sound obvious, but it’s easy to get muddled. And remember to use the room that you set your Apple TV up in, too.

All commands should begin with “Hey Siri” or by pressing the Siri button on your iPhone.

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