During the Google I/O 2019 keynote, the latest Android Q Beta was released to the public for Pixel smartphones along with 15 other non-Pixel devices. It’s the third Developer Preview for Android 10, but it’s the first official public beta outside of Google’s Pixel smartphones. A new public beta means good things are on the way as the future of Android continues to evolve.

Since the Pixel smartphones are official first-party devices directly from Google itself, installing the latest Android Q Beta will be quite simple and require minimal effort on your part. There are two methods involved depending on what works best for your situation. If you want to take the easy route or perhaps try the manual one instead, you’ll get the same result no matter what.

Once you complete the few simple steps required for installing the beta, you’ll be back up and running like normal in no time. If you run into issues or have any questions about the process, especially the manual one, let me know in the comments section. Without any more delay, let’s dive right in and get that Android Q Beta onto your Pixel so you can test out the new features.

Read more: https://android.gadgethacks.com/how-to/install-android-q-beta-any-google-pixel-phone-0197362/


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