For years, Android enthusiasts have been rooting their devices to do things that Android doesn’t allow by default. But Google has added many features to Android that once required root, eliminating the need for many people.

And with every major release of Android, the list of reasons to root a device is getting shorter and shorter—what used to be a requisite reasons for rooting is often an included feature at this point. Here are some of the top examples.

Take Screenshots

You could always take screenshots by connecting your Android smartphone or tablet to your computer, but taking screenshots on your device was once a privilege reserved only for root users. It seems like this was an eternity ago, and if you’re not a lifelong Android user, you may not even be aware there was a time when screenshots required a rooted device. Crazy, right?

But now, it’s simple: press volume down and power at the same time to take a screenshots (or the home button and power on Galaxy devices with physical buttons). And poof—a screencap ready to share with the world. I honestly still can’t believe this was ever not a native function.

Disable Preinstalled Apps

Look, no one likes bloatware. But once upon a time, your personal feelings on the crap your manufacturer or carrier wanted you to have on your phone didn’t matter. You were stuck with it, unless you rooted your handset.

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