When deciding which smarthome products to install in your house or apartment, there are a lot of things to consider. Your first step should be deciding which products will give you the most value.

Not all smarthome devices are useful to everybody. Some people might find a video doorbell, for example, a necessity while for others, it’s an interesting novelty. This makes an article like this on beneficial smarthome devices somewhat subjective topic, but we wanted to try our best to recommend specific products that might benefit most new smarthome users.

Whether it’s just a simple Wi-Fi camera or a full-fledged hard-wired security camera system, having a device like this to watch your house while you’re away (or keep an eye on a pet) is invaluable to a lot of people.

The Nest Cam, for instance, is easy to set up and use, making it a good option for those who want a no-fuss solution. However, you do have to pay for a subscription for things like 24/7 recording and people detection. Without that subscription, the system becomes a simple live-streaming camera with no real features.

If you want something a bit more robust with multiple cameras and local storage of footage, you might want to consider a hard-wired security camera system. You can place a handful of cameras around your home, and they’ll record 24/7 to a dedicated hard drive that can keep recordings for a long time.

The only issue is that they take way more effort to install and set up, so either hire a professional to do it or prepare to get your hands dirty.

Even if you already have a security camera, a video doorbell is a great supplement. Heck, if you could only afford to buy a single camera, a video doorbell would be the best option.

This is because it’s placed right at your front door and will capture any activity around this location, which is where you’ll have the most activity anyway—it’s the single best place to put a security camera.

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