It is kind of amazing how much advancement is going on in the autonomous car space. A year ago, we were mostly talking about cars that seemed comparatively boring, because they just drove on the surface. How quaint — how 2016. Now when we mention “boring,” we may be talking about Elon Musk’s new underground tunneling idea.

However, a little company called “Airbus” — yes, the one that likely made the plane you last few in — disagrees. It plans to start testing its autonomous flying car this year in Silicon Valley — I expect so it can buzz Musk’s Tesla plant there.

That kind of explains why Ford just fired its CEO (who wasn’t planning to tunnel or fly), and why Toyota is looking at blockchain for automotive security (because you sure as heck don’t want flying cars to have Hitchcock Birds).

Read on for more about the future of cars, er people-carrying drones, er automated sleds — ah, personal transportation this week! I’ll close with my product of the week: a new drone using Intel’s Movidius Myriad 2 technology from DJI, the Spark. (No, it won’t carry you to work, but it may become your favorite summer toy.)

Flying or Tunneling?

This is really both pretty amazing and pretty annoying. I mean, why the heck doesn’t someone just invent the Star Trek. Transporter and call it a day? In one corner there’s Musk, who has been badmouthing flying cars and just bought an automated tunnel-making machine, arguing that the future is underground.

At the same time, a ton more people — including Google’s founders (who are Musk’s neighbors) — a number of startups, and at least one huge aerospace company are arguing for flying cars. Oh, and given that Amazon is developing heavy-lift delivery drones that aren’t far removed from this, it’s no doubt working on something similar in secret.

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